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From Andrew Good
26-06-2019   (02:49:08)

Hi, N Iwobi has just asked us to help them find a quality Loft Conversion Specialist in Southend-On-Sea, SS2. We’re now contacting local professionals on their behalf, and if you respond quickly there’s a strong chance you’ll secure the business. It’s free to do so, and there’s no obligation to continue using our service in future. Take a look at N Iwobi’s request below and, if you can help, click the following link to contact them directly. Contact N Iwobi now: Client details: N Iwobi Loft Conversions - Southend-On-Sea, SS2 N Iwobi has made their phone number available. We will make it available to you when you send your first message. Project details: What kind of property is this for?: House How tall is the property?: 2 storeys Does your loft already have floorboards?: No What will you be using the converted loft for?: Self-contained accommodation What services will you need added to the new space?: Gas, Electricity, Water, Sewerage What extra features would you like?: Heating, Lighting, Staircase Do you have plans drawn up?: No - I don't have plans yet What is the Planning Permission Status for this job?: No planning application made When do you need the work carried out?: In next few months Additional Details: Reply now: What is Bark? Bark is a lead generation service. Customers tell us what they’re looking for and we put them in touch with great companies like yours to help get the job done. Join today and you’ll be able to contact your first customer on us. After that, there’s no commission, no monthly fee – and everything you make with us is yours to keep. We’ll send you information about new customers for free, and you can simply pick and choose the ones that work best for you. Why have we contacted you? We believe your company can help N Iwobi with their project, and we’d like to put you two in touch. They’ve asked us to find a great local Loft Conversion Specialist, and if you respond right away there’s a strong chance you’ll secure the business. Contact N Iwobi now: If you’d like any help with this, please call 020 3697 0237 (Mon-Fri 8am-8pm & Sat-Sun 9am-6pm) or email and we'll be happy to assist. Many thanks, Andrew Good If you don't want to hear from us again when new customers are looking for services in your area click here:

From tester
18-06-2019   (18:05:45)

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